A detailed and precise overview
over the complete institution,
for the classes, children & staff.

Keep the parents updated at all times

Parents are able to stay connected with their child's News Feed, pictures, videos, keep track of their child's development and daily activities, reporting sickness and vacation directly from their mobile device or PC.

It Works Everywhere

Parent is a user friendly app that can be accessed from any mobile devices or PC.

has never been faster.

Communicate instantly with parents throughout the day with no added effort!
Create weekly schedules, food plan, events, spend less time managing and focus more on the children.

Payment System

Through the app parents will be able to pay
directly to your bank account with no inter-
mediate and no extra fees.

Vacation Planning

Parents are able to plan their vacation days directly through their App.

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and get your institution online
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  • The Parent package includes

  • Share photos & text with parents
  • Iphone & Android parent app
  • Digital data card on children.
  • Event & registration
  • Check-in and out
  • Overall children and staff overview
  • Digital illness & holiday-announcement
  • Holidays reporting & reports
  • Food plans
  • Document handling
  • Working report
  • Advance attendence statistics
  • Support



  • Parents uses a protected and encrypted server with 256-bit SSL encryption. The lock icon in your browser lets you verify that your data is secure in transit.